We didn’t have a tent to sleep in, but we had sleeping bags and we had each other. At least, that’s what I told him which didn’t really help because I could hear how upset Sam was. Gunter, on the other hand, was focused on finding the tent. I could see his light at the bottom of the hill, searching through the bushes. Sam was confused because it looked really similar to our tent but it was already set up in a campsite. Keep in mind, we were exhausted from the hike and just wanted to sleep. Gunter looked up and said that it wasn’t our tent and he was sure about it.


“Fuck it, let's just try and sleep next to each other.” I was already setting up my sleeping bag on top of the tarp ready to knock out but I was still captivated by the stars. I remember staring at the milky way and out of nowhere a bright line appeared and disappeared in an instant. It was a shooting star. I immediately made my wish then told my friends about it but they didn’t really seem to care. It was okay though. I kept staring up into the sky as Sam made his way next to me laying down. It was getting colder and the wind on top of this mountain was not giving in. Gunter made his way back too. Okay so, the way out was like this. I was in the middle, Sam was to my right and Gunter to my left. Next to us were 2 dogs that followed us up to the whole mountain because Mar decided to feed them. They ended up being our companions for the rest of the trip and stay though which was nice. They were also very warm and served as pillows. I miss them very much, but I felt bad because we barely fed them during the whole camping trip.


It was about 3 or 4 in the morning when I woke up freezing and I saw that Gunter was up, getting his sleeping bag and mat. He told me that he can’t take it anymore and that he is going to ask the girls if he can go with him into their tent. At this point, my teeth were chattering and I needed a warm place to sleep and I was not about to cuddle up with two other guys. We made our way into the girls' tent, I remember Mar poking her head out and laughing; telling us to come in. Gunter and I went in and I laid down next to Manon while Gunter went next to Mar. So there I was, cuddling up next to Manon. I’d say that this was one of the most uncomfortable camping nights of my life. As soon as I got warm, I wanted to turn over and sleep on my signature belly facing downside. I moved my arm and thought the whole tent was going to come down. I swore I woke everyone up because of that and I thought aw fuck! Oh well… I ended up falling in and out of consciousness until I heard people leaving the tent. I don’t know if it was from the lack of sleep or people moving but I got up and immediately went to look outside because of the beautiful sunrise that reflected off the mountains. Our day has started.