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Being Filipino to me means being resilient, powerful, and have a strong drive to succeed. It means being welcoming, nurturing, and supportive to all they come across. It means taking pride in one’s culture while also being a bridge to many other cultures. Being Filipino means honoring our ancestors’ accomplishments, sacrifice and struggle while also working towards our own path. Being Filipino is not one thing, but a culmination of many, and for that I am so proud to claim as my own.



Graduated from University of Washington, Seattle BS Physics, Biophysics

Deans List (2015, 2018)

FASA sa UW Vice President (2017-18)

FASA sa UW Public Relations Chair (2015-16)

FASA Career Fair Organizer (2016)

Phi Delta Theta Diversity Chair (2016)

Henry Foss Scholarship Winner (2013-14)

My motivations to keep going are my younger sister, and my communities that I’ve built at UW. My sister looks up to me for so many things, and I try my best to set an example and challenge her to live life to the fullest and do better than I did. As for the communities I’ve built at UW, so many people I’ve met are doing amazing things, and from their support and drive, it inspires me to continue to do better, and keep serving the community in ways the community has served me.

One of my values growing up was to always be kind and treat those the way you wish to be treated. I have taken these words to heart and continue to carry it with me as I meet people, as first impressions are important to me and I strive to do my best to put my best foot forward and be kind and welcoming.



My greatest leadership trait would have to be the ability to connect with people and bring individuals together. I love being able to build interpersonal relationships with people, so that they may feel welcomed and comfortable in any space we share. I feel it’s important to build relationships that are genuine and meaningful because I want to make sure everyone believes that they belong in any institution, while also having a community they know they can rely on. I believe that no one is truly successful alone, so I make it a point to make sure no one feels alone because I never know how I may impact their life in the future or vice versa.