Having a Filipino American background, I have grown up to be a well-rounded individual who is flexible but still very determined to accomplish my goals because of what my parents went through in the Philippines. My parents both grew up to their large families in a small house and scarce on money. I appreciate my life so much more than the average American here in the states because of this. Their hardships at such a young age made them want success even more and I learned growing up that my parents are proof that hard work really does pay off if you have a strong mind set. My Filipino upbringing makes me the person I am today with all the successes I have made. I will be the first one in my family to go to college in the states, and with all the sacrifices my parents have made for me, the only thing I strive to do is to be as courageous as them to follow my dreams with my Filipino roots.



University of Washington Bothell / Business Administration : Accounting Major 2021

Annual Deans List (2017-2019)

Delta Sigma Pi : Professional Business Fraternity / Scholarships & Awards Vice President

FASA sa UWB Secretary (2018-2019)

Co-Coordinated FASA at the UWB Heritage Night with MSA, BSU, TSA and LSU (2019)

NUCOR Foundation Annual Scholarship (2017-2021)

Filipino American Association of North Puget Sound (FAANPS) High School Scholarship recipient (2017)

Pete Dolan Memorial Scholarship

Vine Street Group Scholarship

Filipino Performing Arts Washington State (FPAWS) 2011-2014

My motivation to keep going is thinking of the bigger picture. I think about graduation and what I want to accomplish after college. I also refer to the quote “If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice”

The values that I grew up with that I keep dear to myself is to always be grateful and how to be selfless.



With all the Leadership positions I have committed to, my greatest leadership trait is that I am accountable. I respect the people that I work with have responsibility for what I am doing. I care about what I do, how it’s done and what the outcome will be. I take full responsibility for my work and actions by actively managing what needs to be finished.