Being Filipino means to have resilience, camaraderie, and love. And delicious food. No one will know the true camaraderie between Filipinos, unless you’ve been closely around one for quite some time.



Wedding & Special Events by Athena, LLC, Founder and Day of Coordinator | 2017 - ongoing

FAANPS: Filipino American Association of North Puget Sound, President | 2015

Various leadership | 2005 - 2017

FPAWS: Filipinas Performing Arts of Washington State | 2004 - ongoing

NWFASA: NWFASA Alumni Advisory Board | 2013 - 2014

Conference Planning Committee | 2012-2013

FASA sa UW Cultural Chair Officer | 2010- 2011

Director of “Filipino Night Music 2011: In Your Tsinelas”

Pista Sa Nayon Entertainment Committee | 2014, 2018

Pagdiriwang Armory Stage Committee | 2018

BS Health Informatics & Health Information Management, UW Seattle | 2012

My motivation to continue is knowing that there are others who love and care for me and want oloy the best for me; so I don’t want to let them down. Seeing the impact of what I can do to positively impact someone’s life. Checking off tasks on a to-do list.

Treat your elders with the utmost respect. Always offer to share what you have.

Dad quotes: (In reference to cooking in the kitchen) “Clean as you go”. (In reference in life): Know who you are and present yourself well at all times at any point of your life; at the beginning of a chapter, during the chapter, and at the end of the chapter, no matter how difficult or messy the journey will be, know your foundation and clean as you go.

Common sense is not common: You won’t know what others know, so don’t assume.



My greatest leadership trait is to be able to recognize and cultivate the talents in people around me and help bring out the best of them through personable means or through event opportunities. Every one of us has special gifts and talents we were born with or were passionate enough to pursue and perfect that should never be forgotten or ignored. I enjoy getting to know someone and providing them the avenues necessary for them to grow and develop their heart and soul through their talent and seeing that in itself is enough for me.