My Start in Skin Care



How did I get into skin care?   Before I delve into the ABCs of skincare, let me share with you how it all started.

My fascination with beauty and skin care began when I was eight or nine years old when I met my grandaunt.  I’ve heard so much about my her from my dad and my grandfather who spoke so highly of her.

To my wide-eyed amazement, I met Anita Noble, the first Ms. Philippines.   She was a beauty. She had flawless skin and the way she carried herself was grace in motion.   What made her a queen? Her poise and regal nature were apparent. My dad shared with me the story of why they picked her to be the Miss Philippines.  It was a surprise visit from the judges one morning and, there she was, without makeup, naturally beautiful and glowing.

Forward years later, I was just in awe of my mother of how she took care of her skin.   She applied the egg white on her face twice a week, and she patiently explained to me that it helped lift the skin.   From my grandaunt bathing in milk to my mom's regimen of egg white as her mask, it sure intrigued me. And so at an early age, I saw the importance of skin care.   It was part of their daily regimen. And now it's become part of mine.

I became a Licensed Aesthetician in 2001 and a Health Coach in 2016.   Simple ways to keep your skin healthy from the inside out. Looking back,  using egg white and bathing in milk. It made sense.

Skin care.  It is a lifestyle.  A routine but not mundane, to say the least.   But loving the largest organ of the body. It's not too late to start.   

Cleanse.  Tone. Exfoliate.   Moisturize. Hydrate.  

Until next time.   Hydrate and love your skin.