Being Filipino means Family. For me, family is my parents, grandparents, uncle, and little brother. Family is also the close friends who we’ve shared many memories with and would do almost anything for, vice versa.

My motivation that keeps me going is how I wasn’t promised a life that allowed to to get an education and choose a career I wanted. There are many times where I need to realize that some people would love to have my bad days. That I’m fortunate enough to go to school and make a change wherever I go.

Values I keep near and dear to me is that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. I was blessed to have such a loving family that I’d do anything for. God has a plan for you, so whatever difficult situation may come your way, just remember he has a plan, whatever that may be. Always give back because you wouldn’t be the person you are if it weren’t for the people who gave to you.



The greatest leadership traits I believe I have are critical thinking and compassion. I feel that in times where there needs to be a leader, it’s easier to blend yourself with others instead of sticking out as the labeled “leader”. There is a better connection when one feels that they are part of one machine rather than being controlled by someone. That’s where I feel my compassion comes in, where I look at a situation in every possible way I can to understand.Critical thinking comes when things don’t go the way I want it to, and quick thinking is what can help fix it, even if it’s not conventional. Critical thinking is all the knowledge you’ve gained from school education, past experiences, creativity, and ability to think fast.