Being Filipino to me means being from a resilient group of people. It means pushing past systemic challenges put in place for our people to fail and being surrounded by a community that pushes you to do just that.



University of Washington B.S. in Computer Science 2021

Danielle G. Guloy Scholarship Recipient (2018)

FASA sa UW Public Relations Chair (2018-2019)

My motivation to keep going is the idea that one day I could be the role model for other Filipino girls wanting to pursue STEM. I want to be the person that they look at and go “huh, maybe I can do it too”. Currently, I am serving as an instructor for Coding with Kids -- hoping that this way I can inspire kids by showing them that their passion for tech can translate into a career.

Growing up, my mom instilled in me the value of empathy. She reminded me that the most important attitude to have towards others is kindness because we never really know what anyone is going through. While we can never really experience what other experience, we can still empathize with them.



I think that my greatest leadership trait is that I am personable. I strive to be a leader that not only inspires but can make people laugh from time to time.