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I used to believe that I loved being Filipino because it’s in my blood, and I can’t change that. I couldn’t have been more incorrect. My professor in college taught me that I wasn’t proud of being Filipino. I was proud of being myself, but what was Filipino about that? Then he taught me what it meant to be a Filipino in Seattle when the Filipino community was just beginning to grow. He told me that Filipinos constantly help those in need in their communities. There were potlucks and meal services that were open to everyone; if you were hungry, you were invited. They helped each other survive at a time where signs read “Get rid of all Filipinos or we’ll burn this town down”. This is why I am proud to be Filipino. My people face adversity with communal strength and resolve. Our communities are built on that foundations of philanthropy, respect, and sincere love for their countrymen. Matatag ng Republika!



BA Communications, University of Washington, Graduated 2014

DJ, 2017 to Present

Turntables Instructor, Seattle Drum School, 2016-17

Official KUBE 93.3 DJ, Saturday Night Block Party Mixshow

Resident DJ, Top Tier Seattle Nightclubs (Aston Manor, Q Nightclub, etc)

Aston Manor DJ Competition Winner, 2016

Red Bull Thre3Style University Seattle Winner, 2013

University of Washington Hip Hop Student Associated Hip Hop Summit Featured DJ, 2013

University of Washington Hip hop Student Associated Turntablist Workshop Featured DJ, 2009

Highline Community College Hip Hop Summit Featured DJ, 2008, 2010, 2012

Featured DJ: “Feezable the Germ” “Do or Die” “The Game” “Snow Tha Product” “Nu Era (formally “Dyno Jams”)” “Anthony Danza (formally “AD Proof”)” “Kung Fu Grip” “Writers Circle”

My motivation to keep going is the constant competition with myself. As a turntablist growing up, all my heroes in documentaries and videos would always talk about battling yourself to stay on it. That thing you did yesterday was dope, how can you be better tomorrow? That keeps me going.

Values I grew up on were that kindness isn’t a weakness, manners matter, and don’t expect anything. The only people who view kindness as a weakness, are weak. Whatever happened to the golden rule? You’ll get a much better response if you spread positivity, and not flaunt your swag. The same applies with manners matter; don’t be rude. Lastly, you can’t expect anything in life. You can plan and plan and plan, but don’t expect things to always work out. Be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best and work to do your best. That’s all anyone can ask of you.



I feel like my greatest leadership ability is my compassion and my ability to create an actual connection with the people I work with. I feel like people try a little bit harder when they sincerely believe in what they’re doing & who they’re doing it with.