In my first day in Bariloche, I met a handful of people. The first was a woman at the airport who was from Spain, she spoke excellent English but I wanted to practice my Spanish with her.


I was super lost as how to get notto the city center from the airport. She told me that there was a bus which could take people to the airport for free. That bus never came. So I was like screw this, let’s split a taxi! We ended up splitting a taxi with 2 more ladies from Buenos Aires and ended up in the city center. I said bye to the Spanish woman after she told me where my bus stop was. She was super nice and was on her way to El Bolson which was a hippy town 2 hours south of Bariloche. I sprinted to the bus after I saw the last few people getting on.


I saw that my stop was about 20 minutes away and thought wow, I really picked a place in the cuts of Bariloche. Oh well. So I got off my stop and walked about 5 minutes through an unpaved alley; scared shitless I thought I may have gotten the wrong directions until i found a sign that said “Alaska hostel” the place where I will be volunteering as a data entry assistant and receptionist for the next 3 weeks.