Being Filipino to me means to be strong and determined. I can’t imagine the strength and determination it took to immigrate to a foreign land, not knowing anyone or even the language, to have a better life for themselves and their family.

My motivations to keep going are my siblings and my godsister, Kaylah. They are my motivation because they are the ones who have always consistently pushed me to do more and go further, regardless of my age, or be, being the youngest of the family. They knew what I was capable of before I even knew what I was capable of and I only hope that one day, I can make them proud.

Some values I grew up on that I hold very dear are respect, strong will, and mindfulness. I keep them close because while you should always be mindful of everyone else, you also need to maintain your strong will, but exert it respectfully.



My greatest leadership quality is my commitment and accountability. When I commit to something, I will be all-in. You can count on me!