Being Filipino means being part of a wonderful culture that embodies love, faith and food. Love -- being part of a growing family that supports one another, blood or not. Even through the toughest times, whether it be just visiting family members during the weekends or sending money out overseas to help with financial costs. Being Filipino is often accepting that when one falls, we all fall together, but at the same time manage to build each other up. Faith -- gives us hope and brings the community together as one. The practice of Christianity has always been a huge part of the Filipino culture because people often become selfish and lose their morality, therefore when we practice faith we are able to understand our beliefs and devotions as a Filipino. Food -- As a Filipino, we express and practice our cultural identity through food by sharing with the people amongst us. Food is fuel to the filipino community, a type of fuel that brings everyone together in appreciation of one another and our culture. It is a way to taste home away from when brought overseas.



Optical Test Engineer, EOSpace Inc.

Physics Honor Society, Sigma Pi Sigma Inductee and Member since 2018

Founder’s Fellow Research Scholarship, 2018

University of Washington Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Award, 2018

Gerald A. Soffen Memorial Travel Award, 2017

Washington NASA Space Consortium Research Program, 2017

University of Washington Bothell Outstanding Student Leader of the Year 2016-2017

LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC) Member, 2016 - Present

Society of Physics Students (SPS) Member and American Physics Society (APS) Member, 2016 - Present

Miss Graceful, Miss Academics, Miss Community Service, Filipino-American Association of North Puget Sound (FAANPS), 2016

Guest Speaker for the Physics Honor Society, Sigma Pi Sigma at the University of Washington Bothell, March 2019

Presenter for the Applied Physics Society Meeting at Tacoma Washington, June 2018

Guest Speaker at University of Washington Bothell Chancellor’s Reception, May 2018

Presenter for the University of Washington Seattle & Bothell Research Symposium, May 2018

Presenter for the LIGO-Virgo Collaboration Meeting 2018 at Sonoma State University, March 2018

Presenter for the Conference of Undergraduate Women in Physics at the University of Oregon, January 2018

Presenter for the Washington NASA Space Grant at the University of Washington, August 2017

Founding Officer, Filipino American Student Association sa Bothell, 2016

My motivation to keep going is my family. I have nothing by gratitude for them and with everything my family has done for me by providing shelter, a helping hand and support, I owe it all to them. They’re the fuel to my success.

Family has always been the first and most important value that my parents and relatives have taught me. They have reminded me constantly to never lose touch of my homeland and the people who have raised me because I would not be the person I am now without the community who fostered me. Because of that, I began to be more in touch with my culture by getting involved in the Filipino community, learning to how to speak my language and visiting my homeland once in a while. Family has always been there for me in times of need, with gratitude, I will be there for them as well.



My greatest leadership trait would be that I’m a risk taker. There are many great, unforeseen opportunities that often come from risk-taking and those lessons may lead us on an important path towards internal growth as an individual and professional.