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For me, to be a Filipino is to keep a strong relationship with one’s family and to express a desire to show genuine hospitality and generosity to others.  The family is significant to the Filipino culture, and I firmly believe that our love for our own is the backbone of our heritage.

My motivation to keep going is my love for people and them to know that they are loved as well.   

The values that I grew up with, and still keep dear to my heart, are the importance of family, exercising generosity, and humility.  Having a close family is emphasized in Filipino culture, and although I grew up in America where there is more focus on individualism and independence, I still adhere to the sense of community within a family.   Being generous and giving back to others feel more rewarding and deeply satisfying - whether it is your time, talent, or treasures.   And lastly, being humble is a form of strength that seems to be lacking in our society nowadays.



My greatest leadership quality would be putting people's needs first over my own. The emphasis on being a 'servant leader' is serving others rather than them serving you. I also do this by listening to people and being there for them, sharing any words of wisdom or encouragement that may help them along the way. I find greater reward in serving others and in the end, gaining the respect and admiration of people because they know you genuinely care about them.