Being Filipino means going back to your roots, acknowledging the struggle that is ingrained in our history, and persevering past that struggle through strength. It means using that strength to build an even stronger community and sense of self.



University of Washington Bothell, Law, Economics, & Public Policy / Global Studies, Graduation year 2019

Filipino American Student Association sa UWB, Founding Officer, President & Senior Advisor, 2016-2019

UWB Student Engagement and Activities, Social Justice Organizer

Publication: “Hide and Seek” in Clamor Student Arts Journal, spoken word piece

Annual Dean’s List, 2015-2019

My motivation is and always will be my mom. Emigrating from the Philippines at a young age, she sacrificed so much of her youth for me and my siblings to have better opportunities. Knowing the sacrifice and perseverance that it took for her to give me the life I have now, my greatest achievement will be to make my mom and myself proud.

I was taught from a young age that independence is the best quality a woman can have. Now that I’m older and live on my own, that independence is crucial to my everyday life and sometimes difficult to constantly rely on. But the head start that I received from this value being instilled in me is what makes me the strong woman that I am today.



As a leader, my greatest leadership trait is empathy. It is always a priority for me to develop a connection with the people in my community and work to understand their concerns. Through empathy, I strive to empower others and myself.