Being Filipino to me means to be dope AF. I wouldn’t want to be anything else. Everything I am today is due to my Filipino up bringing. My values, my beliefs, my aspirations - all accredited to the way I was raised.



Co-Founder of RCF CrossFit

Voted Best CrossFit Gym by KING5 and Evening Magazine for 5 consecutive years.

Local TV coverage of gym accomplishments(twice)

Owner of multiple location gyms

Co-Founder of the RCF Games

Certified USAW (Weightlifting) Coach

CrossFit Kids Trainer

CrossFit Movement and Mobility

Trainer CrossFit Endurance Sports

Trainer CrossFit Judge

Co-Founder of ONFIRE ENT

Nationwide multi-city tours

National TV Coverage

Multiple distributed Albums

Over 20+Million Views on YouTube

Successful Night Club Promotion in the Seattle area for 5+ years.

Co-Founder of DR

Produced hat wear for multiple major streetwear brands.

Graduated HS on time after dropping out junior and sophomore year.

Two Year Computer Programming Degree

My motivations to keep going are my son, my girlfriend, and my daughter on the way and everyone who believed in me and invested in me.

I grew up through the struggle. This instilled Hustle and Hard Work into my DNA. Nobody cares about your success. A value I’ve grown to cherish is that you are the only one responsible if you succeed or fail.



Honestly, I don’t view myself as a leader. Even though, many call me that. I view leadership as a negative for some reason. The way I see it we are all leaders in our own right. We control our own destinies. If I had to pick a couple of traits, I’d have to say my list would go something like this: loyal, humble, hard working, and caring.