Being Filipino is a huge part of my identity. I carry my culture and history with me and it impacts everything I do. Being Filipino means that I represent myself as a reflection of my heritage and country. I love being Filipino because I get to be apart of a whole kapamilya here and back ‘home’ that supports and loves each other. When you see other Filipinos you feel an instant connection and sense of familiarity like you’ve grown up with them. There’s so much pride and love being apart of this culture with people who uplift and support each other.



Cultural chair 2017-2018, FASA SA UWB

President 2018-2019, FASA SA UWB

Senior Advisor 2019-2020, FASA SA UWB

Hospitality co-chair 2017-2018, NWFASA

Cultural spokesperson 2017-2018, NWFASA

Secretary of Event and Programs 2019-2020, NWFASA

Warm beach special friends camp volunteer 2014-2019 (ongoing)

First year Senator 2016-2017, ASUWB (Associated Student of the University of Washington Bothell)

Senator of Outreach and Marketing 2018-2019, ASUWB (Associated Student of the University of Washington Bothell)

Orientation and Transition programs (OTP) Orientation leader 2017-2018, University of Washington Bothell

My motivation to keep going is what I want my future to be like. I feel that I overwork myself so I can relax later and be stable. I want to be able to live comfortably so I sacrifice what I have now so that I can support everyone I need to in my future.

Hard Work, patience and love. These are the traits my parents taught me and the values I live by everyday. It reminds me of my roots (my parents) and the seeds they planted that I work grow into flowers and reflect the work they did.



I feel that my greatest leadership trait is my ability to help everyone see the leader in themselves. I love helping people discover and grow into a stronger leader through love and passion for their goals. I feel that there are so many who are too focused on their own path when we should focus on doing things together. It’s better to have everyone succeed in the end together through community versus one individual in the end. I also feel that I do well in helping build community and a healthy environment.