Resilience. Community. Heart. It means uniting with one Bayanihan Spirit to overcome natural disasters, long distance family relationships, drama -- we overcome everything together. And we can do it because of our faith in family, in God, and in ourselves to do it. We are a people who know how to fight back because we did that to the Spanish and the US who colonized us and the Japanese who brutally occupied us, and we are still here: resilient. #LabanLang #BounceBack #PassionatePeoole

My motivations to keep going is that I want to reach people where they are at, to make my Mom and family and community proud, and to make a difference in the world.

Family is everything. I won't be able to do anything without faith. And because faith in myself and faith in others I know I will overcome.



My greatest leadership quality is that I am inclusive and try to pull out the strengths of my team so that we can come together to do something great. When everyone feels welcome at the table, we feel more free to share our skills and talents to accomplish the task at hand, and build a strong, genuine sense of community and belonging between one another. It builds trust and fosters friendship when you are an inclusive leader, and I try my best to exemplify that everyday.