Being Filipino means that resilience and excellence flows through my veins. It means I belong to a beautifully imperfect family that deserves more recognition for all the incredible hurdles we’ve overcome. It means that my greatest dreams and accomplishments will be to uplift those with brown skin, wide eyes and bright smiles.



BA in Medical Anthropology & Global Health

Washington 2A State Tennis- Doubles

Case Manager for Employees with Disabilities at Microsoft

FASA sa UW President, VP, Academics Chair

2016 Project FAMILY Director and creator of PF Scholarship

FAHC co founder

Legacy founder

TFCU Ambassador 2017

2017 NWFASA Conference Co Chair

EPYC Ambassador 2017’18

NWFASA Advisor 2018-ongoing

EPYC NEC Programming Manager

My motivations to keep going is to make sure my family and community get the life and recognition they deserve.

Values I’ve always kept dear to me are to never buy clothes that aren’t on sale. Go to church because it's a lot easier to resolve fights when you’re forced to hold hands and pray together. It's never a waste of money if its for good food with good people.



My greatest leadership trait is being like the ultimate soccer mom. I am excellent at providing and setting a culture of hospitality and genuine connection for those that I work with. I believe that trust and respect are essential for the most productive team dynamics. Alongside proper delegation I focus my energy on highlighting and affirming the strengths of others by cultivating their unique leadership potential