Loud, lovable and lots of amazing food! Growing up Filipinx, I just remember being surrounded by lots of love and lots of music...and without that love and without being surrounded by the array of music growing up, my creative juices would’ve never gotten to the point where they’re at now. Being Filipino also means being loud, proud and always standing up for what you believe in no matter what...with the kindest demeanour of course.



Seattle BroadwayWorld 2016 Awards Winner: Person to Watch and Best Featured Actor in Musical for his role in Tacoma Musical Playhouse’s production of “The Wiz.”

Produced/wrote two solo shows (Tita Ester and Mr DC) based around his Filipinx American upbringing, his career in education and his time in NYC as an artist.

Gregory Awards 2017: People’s Choice Award for Outstanding Ensemble for “Squatch: The Musical.”

Headlined/Produced two cabarets (It’s Britney B****! and It’s Britney B****! Oops they Did it Again) and will be headlining/producing an upcoming cabaret called (Celine vs. Whitney) highlighting the music of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston.

Performing and always having that creative outlet is what keeps me going. I love it so much and I honestly wouldn’t know what I’d do without that outlet in my life.

My parents would always say “treat others as you’d like to be treated.” That’s the one value I keep dear for sure.  They also told me to always work hard and to never, ever be “lazy,” with your goals.



My greatest leadership trait is one who takes initiative. I’m a person who isn’t patient and doesn’t like to “wait for things to happen.” An example of this is producing my own theatre works this past year. When I started doing theatre over 10 years ago, I would just audition for many musical theatre productions with the hopes of landing roles. After awhile, especially with the lack of roles for Filipinx/Asian Americans, it got pretty stagnant and I felt that I wasn’t getting roles that challenged me as a performer. Because of that, I took “initiative,” (with the push of my friends/family of course) and started writing my own works and producing cabarets. It’s been one the best decisions I’ve made so far and I can’t wait to keep producing new works utilizing my point of views as an artist.