Being Filipino has to be one of the proudest aspects of being me. From the Filipino culture to the values growing up in a Filipino community, and, of course, the never-ending karaoke sessions at Filipino parties. Being Filipino means so much more than just an Ethnicity; it is about the unity of being Filipino.  Even if we are far away from our motherland, wherever a group of Filipinos is, it already feels like a home away from home.  

Something that keeps it going is thinking that other people have it way worse. That I shouldn’t be giving up over something that can be easily be fixed or achieved.

Some values I grew up on and hold dear are ~ never forget where you came from; family is always there to support you; never dwell in the past; love yourself before you love anyone else; no matter how hard it may be, God will be there to lead you.



I believe that my greatest leadership quality is adaptability and accountability. I can adapt to different situations quickly, and as a leader, I think that it is crucial especially in delegating your team. Taking that step back and trusting that your team will do their part while you as their leader, are doing your responsibilities and making sure that you prioritize specific tasks as a leader.

They can count on you to do your part, so that makes them eager and inspired to do their part. It is all in the leader's actions on how efficient a team will work. Being able to adapt to certain “uncalled-for” situations makes for an efficient team because you are all ready to own the changes and unpredictability.