Being Filipino means to be very proud that I can share my nationality with others from the foods we eat, our language, music, clothing, martial arts & how we value family.



1980, Nes hosted the first Hip-Hop radio show in the West Coast, "Freshtracks" on 1250 KFOX.

Nes' 30 plus year career on radio has landed him on KFOX, KCMU, KUBE & on KDAY, KMEL, & The RAPATTACKLIVES Podcast

1985, Nes is the NASTY in, NASTYMIX Records with Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Nes became HITS Magazine's Rap Editor from 1998 to 2002

Nes hasn't taken any artist under his wings since Sir Mix-A-Lot. In 2016

Nes discovers The High Children!

Nes is featured on the late Eazy-E single "Radio!"

Nes is one of the youngest students at the original Bruce Lee "Jun Fan Gung-Fu Institute"since 13 years old.

As an actor Nes has been featured in films, "House Party 4," "Kung Pow! Enter The Fist" & "ER."

Nes is the CEO & founder of breaking & promoting new Hip Hop music to College Rap radio shows since 1985

Being Christ like & learning to FORGIVE & LOVE YOUR ENEMIES is my motivationBecause it is a commandment from the MAN who gave me life!

My Sifu Taky once told me, "Never feel you're too good to sweep the floor." That has kept me humble & my reputation positive & relevant for over 30 years in the music business.



I love mentoring. I enjoy sharing my experiences in life with others. I love being a leader, role model & mentor.