Faith Santilla said it better than I ever could:

“Pinays have always been part, and parcel, if not, imperative and critical to the struggle. Filipinas are no strangers to wielding our own power. Of all the privileges that exist in this world, none of which you may be a benefactor of. There is at least one you bear and that is the privilege of having been born a Filipina. Your DNA contains building blocks made from the mud of over 500 years of resistance and survival.”

That’s what being Filipino means to me.



BA American Ethnic Studies, University of Washington Bothell, Graduated 2018

Food for Hungry Minds, International Social Network Coordinator, 2017-18

Food for Hungry Minds, Character Development Specialist, 2017

Filipino American Student Association University of Washington Bothell, Founder, First President, Advisor, 2016 to Present

Northwest Filipino American Student Alliance, Secretary of Communications and Advisory Board Member, 2017 to Present

Kaya Collaborative, 2016 Cohort, 2017

Filipino Community, Youth Supervisor, 2010 to Present

University of Washington Bothell, Student of the Year - Outstanding Contribution to Social Justice and Diversity, 2017

Northwest Filipino American Student Alliance, Organization of the Year and Outstanding Achievement, 2017

Filipino American Association of North Puget Sound, Miss Elegance, Miss Academics, Cultural, Photogenic, People’s Choice Award, 2018-19

My motivation is probably like any other Filipino out there- my family. My parents and grandparents moved their lives to a place where they hardly spoke the language, had very little money, and were discriminated against. They moved out of their comfort zone to give their future generation better opportunities in life. Now it’s up to me to take full advantage of these opportunities to continue setting up the following generations for a beautiful life.

My family has always valued our faith in God. We believe God guides and protects us especially when it’s difficult to do this for ourselves when we are far from one another. When I was sick in the Philippines and my family was across the world from me, all we could do was pray and believe I would recover fast.



My greatest leadership trait is the ability to reflect on my words, actions, and choices. I am in a constant state of improving myself. Without reflection there is no personal development and if you are not growing, you are not leading.