Being Filipino means being a God-fearing, law-abiding citizen of the world and one who comes from a noble, proud and bountiful region of Asia.



I suggested the idea of shipping the bust of Dr. Jose Rizal from the Philippines to Seattle by requesting for free freight from the U.S. Naval Headquarters in Subic Bay all the way to the USN in Everett. I drafted the letter signed by historian E.V. Vic Bacho, the originator of the Rizal Park (the very first in mainland U.S.) and the USN felt "very honored" to do this. Hence the community saved freight costs of about $16K and saved priceless time to inaugurate the new statue.

Pioneered in block-time community broadcast, Radyo Pilipino and Fil-Am Radio, contracted with commercial stations.

Published the first newspaper-sized monthly broadsheet [publication serving the community, the Filipino-american Bulletin which was circulated since 1991.

Was executive producer in Manila of the trend-setting, first ever TV talk-show on RBS-Channel 7 that aired every Sunday noon, "Interaction" sponsored by DMG-Volkswagen and Radiowealth

Edited the first community history hard-cover book, "Pamana" commemorating 50 years of the Filipino Community of Seattle (FCS)

Wrote grants, as executive director, for the past 14 years and raised for the non-profit IDIC more than

$1.2 M in combined operating funds.

My motivation is my faith in the inherent goodness of a man; in the grace and blessings of our maker is my motivation to keep going.

Be modest, righteous, humble, and true to the ideals you hold in your heart.



Leadership, to me, means being a good follower. Also, I believe in participatory management in an organization. As a leader, I always side with truth, integrity, in carrying a big, compassionate stick---and treading humbly and quiet.