Being Filipino can be described as Proud, Happy, Hospitable, resilient.



Professional Career:

Past Master Councilor of International Order of DeMolay – Emmauel Baja Chapter Cavite City

Kabataang Baranggay Chairman BGY 51 – San Antonio Cavite City

Barangay Captain BGY 51 San Antonio Cavite City

Outstanding Employee Virginia Mason Medical Center 2000

VMPS for Leaders Certified 2011

Toyota Production and Advance Lean Production Certification 2017


Basketball Coach – St. Joes CYO 2016 – Undefeated Season + Champions Girls Varsity

Volleyball Coach – St. Joe’s CYO 2016 – JV Team


Executive Producer – The Hollow One the Movie – SIFF, China, UK, Asia (Philippines)

Toni Galang Fashion Show 2012, 2014 and 2018

Gary V, “He’s Back!” Tour

Journey of a Thousand Song by Cecil Azarcon (Award winning Composer)

Kuh Ledezma’s By Special Arrangement

Gabby Concepcion’s an Evening with Andrew E’s Gagoverload

Lingua Franca – Film

Teach what you learn, share your success and celebrate your accomplishments! This is my own quote, each one of us had someone that influenced us and helped us and this is how I pay it forward.

Courtesy, it goes a long way when you show it and receive it.



I teach, develop and create. Creating a lean culture is challenging and its hard. The culture of lean brings defects, errors and mistakes out in the open. Using crucial conversation and leaders partnering with the staff. We can fix, reduce and eliminate these problems. We use everyday lean idea, process improvement workshops, visioning and Kaizen Events to address the issues. Using the tools Daily Management, you can sustain your gains from those improvements. Staff recognition is key to maintain a highly engage staff. A highly engage team can lead to a satisfied customer. Customer satisfaction is a key components in making your business successful.