When I am around Filipinos, I see the most ambitious, hard-working, passionate people aiming to be the best at their craft. To me, being a Filipino means to embody these values. It takes patience and resilience to reach big goals. I’ve been taught by my parents that a lot of dreams are worth pursuing if you put the time and work into it.



Miss Washington United States, 2017

Miss Washington USA Semifinalist

Miss Congeniality, Miss United States 2017

Model, Elite Expo Talent Agency

Model, New York Fashion Week

Model, New Day NW (King 5, Q13 Fox)

Pageant Judge

1st Place, Washington State Natural Puget Sound Pro Am, Bikini Novice

Co-Host, Seattle Les Sapeurs Fashion Show

Speaker, HeyMentor’s Mock Admissions Event, University of Washington

Official Nominee, Global Beauty Awards, 2018 & 2019

Perioperative (Surgical) RN-BSN

Pre-Medical Student

CPR Instructor

Feature in The Chemical and Engineering News, American Chemical Society

Feature in ASUNOW: Access, Excellence, Impact

Featured in Arizona State University’s Community Profiles

Speaker, Volunteer, Legacy Leader, American Heart Association

American Medical Student Association Ambassador

My motivation to keep going is pursuing a second career, especially when it will be taking a lot of time and money is extremely challenging. I hope to be an example to those who are aspiring to do the same thing. Knowing that one day I will be able to give back to those who have helped me on my journey and grow a community of good hearts is what keeps me motivated to move forward.

Family and Faith are important values that are consistent among many Filipinos, and are very strong in my household. I continue to discover more ways to love my family and explore my faith.



One of the most important qualities to me as a leader is to always lead by example. Every mentor of mine -rather than preaching, advising or saying what they believe is best – they actually go and accomplish great things. They do exactly what they’ve said, and in effect, their actions inspire action from others.