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Being Filipino to me means belongs to a strong and resilient people with a strong sense of family. I’ve just began to unpack my colonial mentality and learn about the heritage that I have ignored and I see now the beauty in claiming this identity and history.



University of Washington, Law, Societies, and Justice / American Ethnic Studies, Graduation year 2020

The Sisterhood of Pi Nu Iota, President

Filipino American Student Association, Vice President

Northwest Filipino American Student Alliance, Educational Spokesperson, 2018

Filipino American Student Association, Director of Project F.A.M.I.L.Y., 2018

Filipino American Student Association, Academics Chair, 2018

The Sisterhood of Pi Nu Iota, Affiliate Representative, 2018

The Sisterhood of Pi Nu Iota, Political Chair, 2018

My motivation is my family, especially my mom. My parents sacrificed so much to allow my sister and I a comfortable life. When I feel unmotivated, I think about how hard it must have been for my mom when she was in school and how fortunate and privileged my problems actually are.

I am very family-oriented, but I am also very driven. Family comes first, but I also see my family as my motivation to strive towards my goals. I value compassion and initiative because I am motivated by a love for my family and a desire to serve others.



My greatest leadership trait is that I am passionate about what I do. I channel my passion into productivity and use it to encourage and motivate those around me.