Being Filipino means being a part of a wonderful culture. A Culture that is so diverse, filled with amazing cuisines, beautiful islands and beautiful women. It means being a part of a culture that values family and holds on to strong family ties . Wherever you go you’ll always see elders keeping the younger generations together and holding it down. From passing down family values to old family recipes there’s always the passing down of the torch. And you’ll see the younger generations taking care of the Lolo’s and Lola’s as well. It’s not common to see 3 Generations living in one home.  

Knowing and really understanding our culture and the past, being Filipino is about strength and about being resilient. We thrive and leave a mark wherever we go. Another great thing about being Filipino is that we’re known for our hospitality. When you visit a Filipino home, you will feel so welcome, and guaranteed that at the end of the night, a packed to go lunch is ready for you to take home. So True! (Wahaha)...



Have owned an established Travel Agency “Global Ticketing Services”

Had an opportunity to build a church with my brother!

Established an Event and Production Company;



Have travelled worldwide with my wife and kids.

As a Filipino Father, my biggest motivation are my family, especially my kids. I grew up seeing my father as a man that wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and as a man that took care of his family. Whatever it takes! Never said NO to any opportunity, great or small, that would open doors to bigger opportunities. I live and I would die for my family because FAMILY IS EVERYTHING. On the other note, my greatest motivation is my wife! She’s my life! She’s my better half, and she motivates me to be a better person, better husband, and a father everyday.

A value I’ve learned is that in this business you don’t need 1000 friends, trusted 10 friends is better than a 1000 friends.



Being inclusive is a great trait in leadership as well as being a person able to INSPIRE other people around you to do greater things.