Being Filipino to us means to laugh big (and loud), love hard, eat well, and always putting our family and friends first.  We were raised amongst a big Filipino family who shares simple, non-materialistic values.  We love making people feel welcome and share Filipino food, of course. 

While our life circumstances, family and friends motivate us, having the physical and emotional ability to share light and love remains our biggest motivation.   If we can create a positive impact through music and story-telling,  then it is enough to keep doing what we love to do - writing and singing! 

We grew up in the church surrounded by music and lively family and friends.   What did they have in common?   They were open-minded,  loving, positive, encouraging and showed the same treatment as they would like others to treat them.   We hope we have the grace to embody these values in our work and passion.



Our greatest leadership quality is our fierce ability to act. When we set our minds on something being intense individuals, we use our fiery energy and vision planning not to overthink but to move forward with clarity and action.

It is important not to get caught up in how grand an undertaking is but to keep working, delegating where possible, and building a team that is competent and capable of propelling us towards our goals, which are ever-shifting as we grow. We believe that we are skilled at maintaining an open mind and having the ability to make adjustments, often seeking out feedback from our closest advisors and confidants which also helps us stay focused and maturing in our leadership style.