Being Filipina to me means eating good, and having a big, loving and supporting family.



La Fonda Music

Opened for major artists such as Snail Mail

Playing sold out shows to venues such as The Crocodile, Neumos, Tractor Tavern

Touring the US twice

Planning and Throwing a 2-day all Ages music festival celebrating womxn in music

Playing at music festivals such as Capitol Hill Block Party & Fisherman’s Village.

There’s not many things that Inspire and motivate me, music is this thing for me and I know I have to keep doing it. I’m lost without it.

My parents always encouraged me to be kind and to not judge others. They would give their last dollar to someone in need and that’s the sort of people they are. I like to think I am this way but I am still growing and learning everyday. They are full of love and their loving ways help see good in others and to cherish my friendships and relationships.



My greatest leadership trait is gathering people together for good food, music, and late night hangs. Probably because this is how I was raised, surrounded my cousins and family